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Kissing you still tastes like my stale lies
I‘ve been living somebody else‘s life
You were looking for a wife you won’t find in me
waiting for the cotton candy skies you used to see
And I can‘t wash away the constant glue
that keeps me clinging onto you
I can‘t wipe away the sugar stains
a cotton candy dream is what remains
of me, you and your fever visions
and „most girls“ are to you just villains on a mission
but men are just big boys with money
cotton candy sweet is the only way you want me
but my words are bitter, i’m fighting dirty
you pretend to care but all you do is hurt me
name me one thing that we both share
to you I‘m just a doll with cotton candy hair
you think we‘re meant to be, releasing all the doves
your treats are spoilt and shallow, they fit you like a glove
your cotton candy love is melting from my lips
you tucked me in too softly, my stomach’s feeling sick
our bond is wishful thinking, you know we’re worlds apart
you’ve been holding on in vain to a cotton candy heart
and they still say that we‘re so sweet
we never fight cause we never speak
I‘m left here feeling incomplete
with caries spreading in my mouth
rotting teeth begging me to leave you,
my tongue won‘t get it out
because my brain is still riding its sugar high
and I‘m just living a cotton candy lie
I can‘t wash away the constant glue
that keeps me clinging onto you
can‘t wipe away the sugar stains
a cotton candy dream is what remains
Cotton Candy Dreams
  thoughts about loveless love

i've almost forgotten about this account and this is the only "artsy" thing i've done in years.

it's pretty personal, about stuff i've experienced in the past (still experiencing, to be honest, but it's a tricky situation). 

i hope that'll show you that we're still alive, a couple years older, a lot more uncreative, too busy to live actually, but still glad for every single watcher, fave and comment. we're sorry we haven't been posting anything in a long time and im not promising that there'll be anything new soon (or that there'll be anything coming up in general again), but i wanted to post this one on here because i'm hoping that i'll be able to turn this into a song one day and maybe do a video for it, i don't know. i liked it a lot myself and i hope you'll like it too. 

- Lena


Mexican Pedo
Vatican City
Hello people :)
We're Lena and Dzeni,
and this was first meant to be our second account where we wanted to post stuff which we didn't consider as good enough for our main ones.

But then, we had to delete our main accounts and all our hope is forced on this one!
We hope you guys like it! :heart:

x Lena's tumblr x & x Dzeni's tumblr x


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 4, 2013, 3:45 AM
The very first thing we both wanna say is that we got so many new watchers and so many faves lately, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! We're thankful for any kind of feedback or critique. 

We're terribly sorry that we're not active at all at the moment, but we promise that we reply to every single comment we receive as soon as we get the time. 
We're lacking a bit creativity and inspiration at the moment and it seems like we might need a little break for now. 
You should know that Dzeneta gave up on her 52 weeks project, but that doesn't mean that we're gonna stop taking pictures, it just means that there won't be anything 52-weeks related posted regularly. 

Buuuuut if you wanna stay in contact with us otherwise or get to know us, you can message us / follow us / stalk us anonymously on tumblr, where we are more active lately ;)

And, as always, here's some BADASS work that's definitely worth looking at:
come breathe with me by ahmetatilakar Dior 2 by CarrieGrr summertime by aurorademasi

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ich hab inzwischen aufgehört mich zu fragen, wie man solche fotos hinkriegt ^^ es gibt eigentlich kaum fotografie-arbeiten die mich so richtig beeindrucken aber du hast da einige fotos die perfekt sind
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Thank you very much for the favs and the nice comment! :)
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